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Interview with Stan Nicholls

One of our Write Fantastic's very own members, Stan Nicholls has kindly given us an extensive (and in parts hilarious!) interview over on Wonderlands... so do come over and share oor Stan's expertise and reminiscences... http://wonderlands.ning.com

Also, while I'm 'here' - just a reminder that Juliet, Chaz and myself (Deborah Miller) will be at the Ealing/West London Lit Fest on Saturday 6th September 1 - 2pm. Come along and say 'hi'!


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19th Aug, 2008 11:55 (UTC)
Honey, your HTML is b0rked: that should be a dot, not a comma.

Also, while I'm in corrective mode (Chaz B: Dept of Correction), I think Ealing is you, me, Sarah and Jessica...
19th Aug, 2008 12:06 (UTC)
Thank-you, oh eagle-eyed one! I am just cursed every time I post on LJ - something always goes wrong!

Oh, brill re Ealing - I haven't seen Jess & Sarah for ages & ages. I'm looking forward to it (and seeing your good self, Mr Brenchley, of course!)

19th Aug, 2008 12:10 (UTC)
Excellent. Have you booked your tickets yet? Get 'em while they're cheap...
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